About me

I'm Douglas Scortegagna, but you can call me Doug. I was born in the late 80's in a small town called Flores da Cunha, in southern Brazil. I grew up in the 90s and loved to photograph everything. When I was little I had a broken, disposable camera, and I would point it to every corner, pretending to take pictures. I grew up and my mother bought a Sony Cybershot. Sometimes she lent me, and I had fun. In 2010 I finally bought my own camera and entered the world of photography for good.

I was always fascinated by nature, especially mountains. They are giants and show us how small we are in this universe. I found that I loved to photograph nature, the curves, the landscapes, the small details. And since then I've been doing it, as a hobby, in my free time, on my vacation and recently at work too. I'm Co-founder of Camú, along with my girlfriend, and I've been working on taking a lot of pictures for our little hiking Startup in the south of Brazil.